Welcome to DTA, The Dance Association that caters for American and International Latin American & Ballroom Dancers and Professionals.

DTA, Dance Teachers’ Affiliation is a very Modern platform in the form of a National South African Association that will accept, teach, qualify and promote both American (Competitive and Social) and International British (Competitive and Social) Syllabii, Teachers and Student Bodies, not promoting either Style of Dancing to be Superior or Inferior.

DTA, Dance Teachers’ Affiliation will promote the growth of the Official Competitive American Syllabus that has been standardised and accepted by the American Authorities of that style. This is not the syllabus of the social dancers that dance in competitions between studios etc. DTA, Dance Teachers’ Affiliation will list the syllabus steps soon, and will have the syllabus technique books available to purchase here in South Africa soon. DTA,

Dance Teachers’ Affiliation believes that combination of the Major Social Schools of American Styles syllabus into the Official American Competitive syllabus is one of the greatest moves in history. We also believe that when Africa sees the potential of the Open American Ballroom Steps, the rhythmic and flashy styles of the American Latin dances and the amazing quality of the American style teachers that have always been restricted to teaching copyrighted syllabus, it will be amazed. We also are pleased that the American style now has an International Standardised syllabus to work from so that the students and professionals may now have a platform to compete on a National and International Level.

The purpose is to enhance the American and International Branches to such a level that quality is extremely high in either branch, and that both styles have Competitive and Social needs met. DTA, Dance Teachers’ Affiliation believes that the American Branch should enjoy the competitive aspect that it is experiencing in the United States, Spain, Italy and England, and the International British Branch produces dancers that are also able to succeed in the social arena, without teachers ignoring the students’ needs just because they are not interested in competing but still keen on studying the syllabii.

We are associated without political inclination, we are associated PURELY for the purpose of DANCE ADVANCEMENT, and do not have place for otherwise.

Should you for whatever reason not have financial ability to study dance but are keen to do so, please apply in writing to the officers and we will attempt to solve your problems.